Have I ever told you how I make the most out of grocery shopping? And minimize my social anxiety of crowds?

I go shopping on the Nines.

9 AM or 9 PM, give-or-take a few minutes.

With these tough COVID-19 times, I really get antsy around too many people, especially if I don’t know them.  I have Type 2 diabetes, so I’m extra cautious with this Corona shit. And I’m maybe a little agoraphobic (I’ll have to broach that topic with my psychiatrist – our next virtual appointment is next week, I believe.)

There are rarely more than a half dozen people in my local grocery store at these times – which is a Zehrs (part of the Loblaws chain), for those following along at home.

9 AM has a few seniors wandering the isles, typically looking for the 50% off section.  Not many though. Seldom any bratty kids running around, save for the odd stay-at-home mama with a toddler in tow, most often with the kid being inside the cart.  And don’t get me started on germs on the cart. COVID-19 alert!!

9 PM has a few single folk, rarely more than 1 person doing the shopping.  They know what they want, grab those few items, and they get the hell out of there.  Just the way I like it.

And at either 9 o’clock time, there’s never anyone in line.  If there is one or two headed for the cashier, there’s rarely anyone at the self-checkouts. Truth be told, I’m not a fan of the self-checkouts, as it steals real people jobs, but it’s COVID-19.  A guy has to make tough decisions to stay healthy.

I’ve had social anxiety for well over a decade.  Actually, as a 52-year-old, I likely had it since I was a teen.  I’ll delve into that hot-mess in another post. 

So I offer this.  Shopping on the Nines works well for me.  Very few shoppers get too close and it’s always a quick visit.  Two birds killed with one rock.

I’d love to hear from you.  Have you ever tried strategically timing your grocery shopping?  Please do share any shopping trip tricks that you use. 

Onwards and upwards,